We undertake a number of fencing projects including:

The removal of old fencing (rotten or storm damaged)
Resetting boundaries and markers
Digging new foundations
Putting new posts in
Setting fence panels in place
Treating or painting the finished items.

On top of that we also undertake works such as installation or items such as pergola's or sun decks.

The one illustrated here. In this example we replace the entire (old) fence. That had become worn and damaged and was in drastic need of replacement. As you can see an old fence was not in keeping with the style of the garden. When all the groundworks had been completed the entire fence was erected in 2 days. The spraying was a further day and here we have the delightful result.

The pergola was added later so that the client could sit and enjoy the last of the evening sun. Around the top of the Pergola are 4 solar spotlights that pick up the days sun rays and make that part of the garden usable hours after the sun has gone down.