Planning and Maintenance


Planning a new project can be daunting. Where do you start?

That's easy. Just call us and we will come round and help. Whether it be a simple job such as trimming and hedging to something more ambitious, such as decking or fencing. We will take the time to help you plan the job so that you know what the end result will be like.

We can assess your site and recommend the best ways for you to optimise the environment that you have and the best project and maintenance plan for you. And all it takes to start it all off is a phone call to us now and we will come around and do everything that you need to get things off the ground. (Off the ground! Geddit! That's our little joke).


We all lead busy lives and we would all love to have an idyllic garden. But with time becoming all the more precious, why waste it when you can have a professional do it for you.

We can undertake all the work that you would want from mowing the lawn on

ce a week through to planning and maintaining that lovely cottage garden you have been promising yourself.

Although you could do it yourself why not use us to kick start your project? After all we have all the tools that you do not need to buy to get things going which saves you money.

To get a free quotation simply give us a call, we will pop round when convenient and discuss exactly what it is that you want doing. From a simple lawn to a major pond or planting project, we are the people to help.